Miriam Gregory
I played Scrabble with my family as a child. I learned about the Vancouver Scrabble Club through Bob Fancett. I like the friendly competition and being able to use my brain in a fun way. (Miriam is currently one of our Club Directors.)
Other Interests: board games, music, travelling, pets.
Chris Williams
I have been playing Scrabble competitively since February 2002. I designed this web site and try to keep it updated. Scrabble can be frustrating at times, but there is something about it that keeps me coming back for more punishment. Despite my erratic play, I somehow manage to win my share of games. (Chris is currently one of our Club Directors.)
Other Interests: various forms of vegetating.
Kevin Lee
I started playing club and tournament Scrabble in 2001.
Best results in tournaments thus far have been:
1st place Div.4, Vancouver, March 2002
2nd place Div.2, Vancouver December 2002
2nd place Div.1, Victoria, June 2003
1st place Div.2, Seattle, May 2006
Other Interests: my daughters, my dog, playing ice-hockey, fastball and poker, coaching girls softball, home renovations and pest control (I am the owner of Richmond Pest Management).
Lilia Murnane
I've played scrabble since I was young. I got older and I thought I was good at it. Then I joined the club, and it ended that thought! 'Am improving.
Other Interests: gardening, walking, hiking, reading mysteries, a hot cup of tea.
Matt Ross
Somehow I still enjoy this obsession even without knowing my threes.
Other Interests: Walks in the rain, white wine in front of the fireplace ... oh wait, this isn't a dating service?
Mike Ryan
I have been playing Scrabble for 25 years. I find Scrabble fun because of the never-ending change in the game. In many ways it is still a mystery.
Other Interests: golf, art/graphics, history, archeology
Dean Saldanha
I've been playing Scrabble competitively since the age of 10. I love the game in general and my anagrammatical skills help. :)
Other Interests: hockey, soccer, basketball (any sport generally), GO CANUCKS!
Norbert Saldanha
I have been playing competitive Scrabble since 1991. SOWPODS background - I played in the Middle East up until 1999.
Other Interests: sports enthusiast - volleyball, ten pin bowling, field hockey.
Chris Tallman
I started playing online on the ISC ( in 2005 on a friend's recommendation and joined the Vancouver club in 2009. What I like about Scrabble: The fact that every game is different means the 'replay value' of Scrabble is infinitely high. I like that it combines math and probability, vocabulary and psychology. I also love the community, both here in Vancouver and across North America through NASPA. The fact that I now know people in most major North American cities and have traveled to visit several of them is thanks to my involvement in the Scrabble community that all started in this club.
Other Interests: I'm a lover of sports and games: soccer, distance running and badminton for sports, chess and poker for 'mind sports' other than scrabble, and video games. Hiking, biking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities are favourites of mine. I'm also a sucker for restaurant meals and food of all varieties.
Lam Tang
The first time I went to Scrabble Club, in Victoria in summer 2001, I got a triple-triple and won against the club's 2nd highest rated player at the time. In subsequent weeks I got my ass kicked a few times. All part of the game: I still get my ass kicked. Oh, Joe Edley, I'm no longer Director of the Regina Club. Sorry.
Other Interests: Yes.